John B. Gammon

John B. Gammon is President of John Gammon Associates, Inc., a consultancy based in Toronto, Canada, which advises governments, industry and multilateral institutions on policy and management matters. From 1988 until his retirement from government service in 2005, Dr. Gammon was Assistant Deputy Minister of Mines and Minerals for the Province of Ontario, Canada. He was a member of the international committee of stakeholders appointed by the United Nations Environment Programme and the International Council on Metals and Mining in 2000 to draft a code of best practices for the use of cyanide in gold mining which resulted in the Cyanide Code. Dr. Gammon was a Founder and Co-Chair of the World Mines Ministries Forums, Toronto in 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006. He holds undergraduate and Ph.D. degrees in geology, and he undertook three years of postdoctoral research at Princeton University and the University of California at Riverside as the recipient of a Senior Visiting Fulbright Fellowship.