Becoming an Auditor

Audits for certification of gold mines, silver mines, cyanide production facilities and cyanide transporters under the Cyanide Code must be conducted by independent third-party professional auditors and technical experts meeting ICMI requirements for experience, expertise and lack of conflicts of interest. Although not required, ICMI recommends that auditors submit their qualifications for ICMI approval prior to conducting an audit; ICMI will not accept a certification audit report unless the auditor(s) meets the requirements presented in its Auditor Criteria.

Individual seeking approval as Cyanide Code auditors should submit information to ICMI demonstrating that they have the required qualifications.  The information can be submitted electronically to [email protected] in any format (narrative, CV), on ICMI’s Auditor Credential Form, or in any other form as long as it addresses the qualifications discussed in the Auditor Criteria.

Auditor Criteria

Auditor Credentials Form