Signatory Fees

The International Cyanide Management Code (hereinafter “the Cyanide Code”) and other documents or information sources referenced at are believed to be reliable and were prepared in good faith from information reasonably available to the drafters. However, no guarantee is made as to the accuracy or completeness of any of these other documents or information sources. No guarantee is made in connection with the application of the Cyanide Code, the additional documents available or the referenced materials to prevent hazards, accidents, incidents, or injury to employees and/or members of the public at any specific site where gold or silver is extracted from ore by the cyanidation process. Compliance with this Cyanide Code is not intended to and does not replace, contravene or otherwise alter the requirements of any specific national, state or local governmental statutes, laws, regulations, ordinances, or other requirements regarding the matters included herein. Compliance with this Cyanide Code is entirely voluntary and is neither intended nor does it create, establish, or recognize any legally enforceable obligations or rights on the part of its signatories, supporters or any other parties.

The following is the fee structure for signatories to the International Cyanide Management Code during 2021.

Fees are to be paid in full with submission of a Signatory Application Form for new signatories, and with submission of annual updates by existing signatories. All fees are in US dollars.

Annual Fee for Cyanide Producers:     $6,300

Annual Fee for Cyanide Transporters: $1,100

Annual Fee for Mining Companies:      $0.042/ounce of gold produced by signatory's primary gold mine(s), and $0.042/ounce of gold equivalent ounces produced by signatory's primary silver mine(s) in 2020

  • Includes production by cyanidation at all of a company’s operations in 2020, including those not designated for certification
  • Includes percentage of production from joint ventures
  • A minimum fee of $2,000 applies regardless of the signatory company's 2020 production
  • A mine’s primary metal is defined as the metal that contributes the greatest percentage of revenue
  • “Gold equivalent ounces” is defined as silver production expressed in equivalent gold units using the most recent published London spot market prices