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Turkey Supply Chain 100% Beecom INC Corporation
#1928 Hyundai Venture Ville, 713 Suseo, Kangnam
South Korea
37° 25' 19" N, 122° 2' 6" W

The Turkey Supply Chain includes road and rail transport of cyanide from the production facility of Tongsuh Petrochemical Corporation Ltd in the Republic of Korea to the Port of Busan by SAM IK Logistrics Co., Ltd and the Korean Railroad, road transport  from the Anhui Anqing Shuguang Co., Ltd. production facility to the Port of Shanghai by Anhui Anqing Shuguang Co., Ltd.,.ocean transport by shipping lines Maersk or CMA, receipt and management of cyanide at the Port of Izmir, Turkey and trucking to customer mine sites by TO-PET A.S.

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