Centerra Gold Inc., Canada

Name of Mine, Production Facility or Transport Operation Signatory Ownership Position Name of Operating Company Operation Address/Location Certification Intention Additional Information or Comments Date of Certification Audit Documents Date of Initial Certification Archived Audit Documents Signatory Date*
Kumtor 100% Kumtor Operating Company
24 Ibraimov Street
GB 720031
41° 52' 0" N, 78° 24' 0" E

The Kumtor operation is not in compliance with the Cyanide Code, as it did not have the site inspection portion of its certification audit completed by the established deadline of December 31, 2014. Pursuant to Item III.C. of ICMI’s Signatory and Certification Process, Kumtor’s auditors must submit to ICMI a complete certification audit report with a finding of substantial or full compliance in order to be certified in compliance with the Cyanide Code.

May 01, 2009
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